Why Our CEO Risked $12,500 in Fees

I lost $12,500 by recruiting for a company that nobody has ever heard of, for half my normal rate.

Did I lose my mind? 

I barely broke even.
It was a huge risk. 

After an initial call with the hiring manager, a VP of sales, my "gut" told me to give it a shot.

The VP of sales answered every email/call immediately. (Just like she would want her new hire to do).

She answered in detail, all of my questions.  (Just like she would want her new hire to do with their clients).

When one candidate wasn't a fit, she politely coached us on why.  Then let us try again. (Just like she would want her new hire to do, walk the prospect through the sale and troubleshoot).

She taught us about the company culture & benefits in a fun, collaborative way.  (Similar to how the new hire would demonstrate the products, features, benefits to potential leads).

On Week 2, I remembered the quote "people don't quit bad jobs, they quit bad managers".

I asked her about turnover. 
1 person in 5 years quit.
It's no wonder. 

She lead her team the way she wanted the employee to lead the sale.
With immediate action. 
Attention to detail.
Collaborative, fun, coaching.
It's a company built on STRONG principles.

To work with this kind of hiring manager, I'll happily cut my fees. 
Because it isn't a risk.  


Written by our CEO. 

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