Top 5 Cringe-Worthy Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

The process of hiring a qualified candidate can be a daunting process.  It takes extensive knowledge, effort and valuable time.  Unfortunately, many hiring managers make common (yet avoidable) mistakes.  Let’s take a look at what some of those are:

   Not Seeing the Big Picture

  • No matter how much time you spend trying to find the “ideal” candidate, NO candidate is perfect!  There won’t be a candidate that will smoothly fit into every criteria you have
  • Be flexible, if you see a candidate with 70% of what you’re looking for, give them a chance

    Being Afraid on the Phone
  • Especially if acting as a hiring manager is just a portion of your job, getting on the phone can be stressful and overwhelming, but it’s a necessary part of the hiring process!
  • Don’t worry, candidates will open up to you, they want to talk to you about how you can improve their lives
  • Be in charge of the conversation, while building a rapport.  Candidates will open up to you about pay expectations, family, their lives, previous jobs and so much more.  This makes hiring FUN, not scary!

   Not Knowing What They Want

  • If you were going to buy a home, would you just blindly run out and buy a home without knowing what you want? NO!  This same philosophy holds true for the hiring process
  • If you know the minimum basic requirements you’re looking for and an outline of what the candidate needs to look like, this will make the hiring process so much more efficient
  • If the candidate is to be working with multiple departments, make sure the department managers all agree on what they want, so you don’t waste time with interviews (and risk different departments having different ideas about the talent coming in)

   Lackluster Job Posts

  • Often hiring managers make the mistake of posting job ads with generic words and they list an overwhelming amount of requirements
  • Furthermore, in the job ad (after a chaotic and unrealistic list of requirements), there is no indication as to WHY anyone would want to work at the company
  • When you post a lackluster job ad they TELL, they don’t SELL
  • Make sure to include in your job post a brief description of the job, a list of minimum requirements, some information of WHY the candidate should be excited for your company and a description about your business

   Working with More than One Agency

  • This is a VERY common mistake that many hiring managers fall victim to, and it’s easily avoidable!
  • Working simultaneously with more than one agency encourages disloyalty
  • It is also not cost effective!  You will get the same candidates, but you will end up paying double the fees
  • You will also lose TIME.  You will increase time hiring for the position because of all the interviews

   Only Recruiting when Someone Quits

  • As a general rule, if your company has less than 50 employees, you should be doing at least 3 interviews a week to keep your Performance Funnel going
  • What if there is a sudden increase in business?  What if a key player leaves/several employees walk out?  What if someone goes on maternity leave or relocates?
  • Preparation is key to ensure the success of your business!

   Prolonging the Hiring Process

  • So many times, a hiring manager will have a great candidate, but will be holding out for their “dream” candidate.  In doing so, they often lose the ideal candidate for the job.  Don’t let this happen to you!
  • Lock down great candidates!  Lock down candidates that are able to increase revenue or decrease expenses!  And, lock them down QUICKLY
  • Have a thorough, but swift interview process, and be sure to communicate a realistic timeframe with the candidate
  • Interview efficiently, and when you make the offer, do not have the start date ANY more than 3 weeks out

Consider your hiring process; do you make any of these common mistakes?  If so, what can you do to avoid these pitfalls and, in turn, achieve better business results?


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