Why Hiring an Entrepreneur for Your Start Up Won't Work

Top Signs (Green Lights) You're Interviewing a High Achiever

First off, did I just blow your mind about not hiring an entrepreneur? 

"But Klyn...I'm an entrepreneur and look how great my company is!!" I can hear you say. 

Right...but how great were you to your last employers? 


You did your own thing.
You couldn't be managed.
You worked for them and dreamt of "getting out". 
You weren't 100% in love with the path your life was on. 
So you dreamed of how to change it. 
Probably lost a few sales here and there but were using your employer for education instead of a long-term match.
Did you listen to directions well? 

Sorry.  But most times, hiring an entrepreneur for a smaller, entrepreneurial company -is a bad idea.  

You can hire an intra-preneur.  That's millennial talk for someone who likes saying they are entrepreneurial but doesn't have the kind of "grit" to build a company.  


•Sense of urgency (test this by asking them to resend you a resume)
•Organize/plans their day according to their goals
•Consistently searches out and completes additional learning
•Follow-through on commitments
•Listens comprehensively and asks follow up questions

It's your turn to be a headhunter.
Take the high achievers from your competitors. 
Get back to winning. 

Scale fast.
Grow intelligently.

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