Search Parameters

So you've decided you need to recruit for an opening. 




Now you're stressing yourself out with a job description. 

We've been using search parameters instead of job descriptions for years.  

Here's why...they get rid of the fluff and b.s. we don't need. 


It's straight information that helps us identify pain points, what's actually needed to do the work required (not 2-5 years), and if that person has done this in the past. 

How do you deal with a hiring manager who is a little slow on getting back with you with job descriptions?




Search Parameters


Job Title: 

Ideal Start Date:


When do You Want Interviews Scheduled By?


Job Description:


Why is This Position Open:


Ideal Salary Range (Base or Base+Commission):


Work Environment:

·       Personality type of other employees

·       Office ambience


Hours of the Job:

·       Is there flexibility?

·       Will the candidates have the opportunity to work from home (with what frequency)

·       Is OT required with the job (what is the work/life balance like)


Minimal Requirements:

·       Skillset

·       Years of Experience

·       Education requirements


Ideal Personality Type/Absolute Deal Killers:




Day in the Life:


What is Great About This Position?


Benefits (intrinsic/extrinsic):


Company Website:


Company/Office Location:


Size of Company (Number of Employees):


What Does the Company Do/Do Best?


Company Selling Points/What’s Great About Your Company (Why should they work for you):

·       Awards the company has won

·       Team building activities the company does

·       Employee recognition programs


CEO Personality/Info:


CEO Selling Points/Awards/Accolades:


Leadership Team Style/Selling Points:


Interview Process:

·       Number of interviews/with whom

·       Is there anyone else who needs to sign off on the search parameters?


Training Process:

·       Length of training

·       With whom

·       Expectations during training


What Does the Hiring Process Look Like?


Do You Run a Drug or Background Test?


What Does a Candidate Have to do in the first 30/60/90 to be Successful?


What Troubles Have You Had in Recruiting for this Position:


Do You Have an Available Advert?


Do You Have Any Candidates On a Bench that You Should Call/Resumes to Sift Through?


Desirable or Example Companies You Would Like to see Candidates from (Similar to your Business):


Who are your Competitors?

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