Different Types of Interview Questions: Quick Glance

Behavioral Questions:

Sample Questions:

1.    Tell me a time where you had to handle a difficult customer, and how did you diffuse the situation.

2.    Provide an example of time you were behind schedule on completing a project or task – what did you do?

3.    Describe a proposal you worked on – who was your intended audience and were you successful in your presentation?


Personality Questions:

            Sample Questions:

1.    What are 3 words your last employer would say about you?

2.    What were the last 3 books you read?

3.    Did you play sports in high school or college and were you a good, great, or an okay athlete? If not, what sport would’ve played and why?


Cognitive Questions:

            Sample Questions          



Skill-Based Questions:

Sample Questions:


1.     Explain a time a subordinate had disciplinary issue that needed to be discussed. How did you approach the situation and what was the outcome?

2.    Provide an example of a time in which you were instructed to supervise your peers. How did they react to your sudden promotion? And how did you respond?

3.    How did you assist your team to meet the company sales objectives?



Listening Skills:

1.     Explain an instance from a previous role you had rely on verbal information to get the job done.

2.    Tell me a time in which you misunderstood instructions. Explain why you think that happened.

Attention to Detail

1.     Please describe an experience in which you paid attention to a particular detail that turned out to be useful in completing a task at hand.

2.    Explain a time where you found an error in your work – how did you handle the situation? And did you report it or wait until it was caught?

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