Founder's Rant: Huge Waste of Money

I've been slinging recruiting advice for about 10 years.  

There's one thing I see on a regular basis that's COSTING hiring managers/recruiters/the company thousands $$$$ every hiring round... 

The "I'll know it when I see it" mindset. 

Often times, hiring managers don’t take the time to really delve into what type of candidate they need to hire. 

I know, because I've been there too. 

Especially with my own company.  

I tend to like everybody.  And when I like someone, I want to hire them.  I want to work with them more.  

But then I started getting tough with myself. 

I wrote up a 1 page search parameter document. 

My "wish list" based off skills and background. 

I sought out the RIGHT candidate vs responded to applicants.

It wasn't the easiest. 

I could have just hired & hoped for the best. 

(The "Ostrich" approach).

But after following my own advice for once, noticed productivity doubled.

Time spent training, dramatically reduced.

Employee morale surged because high-achievers flock with other high-achievers.

P.s. it's easy to like your team, when you all do a great job consistently. 

Come up w core competencies and hire based on if the candidate is a strategic AND cultural fit. 

Trust me, you'll know it when you "create it". 

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