Reaching Out to Employees of Competitors on Linkedin..

Good friend reaches out on LI - she's hiring. 

Wants to know how to find good candidates... 

She's "tried" everything on Linkedin. 

No success.

Then I asked her...  "What companies do you want these candidates from?"

She rambles off a list of agencies she wants to poach from. 

"Are you following those companies?" I ask. 

She's not. 

So she started following them.  

Invited those candidates to connect sending invitations such as "Hi I saw you work for XYZ- we have a lot of mutual connections and I'm always impressed by the work that agency has done!" 

High accept ratio. 

Great responses. 

Next she calls me... "Do you know anyone who can help me respond to these employees?"

If you aren't seeing your dream candidates...ask yourself... Are you proactively connecting to them or creating connections with them?  

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