Traditional Recruitment Models Don't Work for Today's Hiring Problems

Recently, our founder was interviewed in a podcast for The Renegade Recruiter by Terry, Edwards. 

"One thing you will always hear me talk about is the importance of building a Recruitment/Search business rather than having a self-employed job... The difference being... a Business pays you and continues to operate whether you are there or not... And a job just means you only get paid when you show up... "-Terry Edwards

In today's episode of the 'Renegade Recruiter Unleashed' podcast, I interview Klyn Elsbury... Creator of the "Proactive Pipeline", Author, Speaker and CEO of 'Landmark Makers', a Recruitment Firm Based in San Diego...

Klyn has Cystic fibrosis which means she was forced to create something that allowed her team to be efficient even if she was unable to be in the company weeks at a time...Click below to find out what she created and how you can use it in your Recruitment or Search Business...

Recruiters : Friend or Frenemy?

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