It all started when...


Klyn Elsbury,

founded Landmark Makers  from her hospital bed, when she had 38% lung function from complications of Cystic Fibrosis. 

After years of employment in various agencies, she started to  realize that traditional methods of recruiting were no longer working for today's candidates.

With nothing but time and an IV drip to keep her company, she started writing out what is now known as "Proactive Pipeline".  (THINK: 30 hours of HOW to RECRUIT based on 387 pages of real-life experience).

lt's a proprietary system that utilizes creative and innovative recruitment strategies to solve talent problems versus responding to requests.  

That system was the catalyst behind her internationally best-selling book, I AM ___:The Untold Story of Success ; which aims to unlock the psychology of high achievement, especially with how it plays into startup creation, hiring, and recruitment.

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Last question: Why a Lighthouse for a Logo? 

Lighthouses function as beacons of safety. They provide guidance. They are available at the times and places when they are needed the most. They don’t discriminate in providing assistance. They shine on and on, no matter what the conditions are headed their way. They stand strong and tall in the face of adversity and challenging conditions. They have a clear purpose and a role. They do not seek to take over from a sailor, his captain or the crew, but to provide aid in navigation. They are symbols of hope. 

And, Klyn likes lighthouses.